Joanne Yu


My thesis concept is about Narcissism. Narcissism starts from the myth Narcissisus. When you read the myth, Narcissus is cursed by god and sees his reflection in a small pond, and falls in love with himself. When I read the myth, I could easily connect myself to Narcissus because he fell in love with his reflection, and I sometimes fall in love with myself through the phone camera or mirror. Therefore, I ended up with the conclusion that I’m a Narcissist.

            I didn’t admit the fact that I’m a Narcissist at first because I used to compare myself to other people and lost a lot of self-confidence at myself. However, comparing and being a greedy person who wants to do everything perfectly made an illness of my mind.  Therefore, since then, I tried to love myself more than the past, and build self-confidence. At the end, I realized that I’m a Narcissist and thought about doing whole thesis collection just about me and myself.

            Since the collection is all about me, I tried to incorporate myself into my garments. So my garments have simple, clean, and wearable silhouette, which is what I like and what I usually wear. Also, same reason for the color palette, but at the same time, I was inspired by the color of Narcissus flowers. There are floral prints through my whole collection. I created prints. There are three different motifs that are based on my selfies. I think Narcissism is kind of a delusional disorder because everything is only happening in my mind. Therefore, I want to give an illusion through these motives. So I made prints that look like  floral prints, but when you look at it closely, there is my silhouette.  In addition, I want to give more depth on prints so I separated parts and printed two different fabrics. And I placed organza on top of the wool, so it creates shadow effect. In addition, I want to give more delusional effect, so I embroidered on top of the prints, so it highlights petals but at the same time gives shadow effects. Also, I played with different scales of prints, so my shirts have the smallest scale, and coat has the largest scale. This is because I want to give another delusional effect through scale. When I scale down the motif, it is hard to tell what kind of motifs they are because it looks like floral. Also, I scaled up, same as scaled down, it is hard to tell because it is crossing the front of the coat.